Mrs Maybury  District Councillor's  Report

3rd September 2020

August always was a quieter month for the Council but all things being equal we just carry on.

Littering and fly tipping seems to be on a resurgence.  Bags of rubbish have been dumped outside a neighbour’s house within Acton where a recent bereavement occurred which has led to an outpouring of help and support for the family.  Here we have the unreasonable culprits but the amazing trail of help from others.  I hope the culprits are ashamed of themselves.

 Lavenham, I know had a spate of it around the recycling bins at Church Street which was removed, but I hope this has now stopped.
Business awards have been inaugurated for Babergh businesses and I hope to see nominations from the Ward. Business innovation is to be celebrated at new awards event
Forward thinking businesses, large and small, are being invited to enter the inaugural Innovation Awards 2020, being run by Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils.

Shopping local could provide lasting impact on the high street.      High streets across Babergh and Mid Suffolk could benefit from almost £19m of additional income over the next 6 months, if all adults spent an extra £5 by shopping local every week.

Babergh and Mid Suffolk receive Government funding to install solar carports
Environmentally-friendly initiatives across Babergh and Mid Suffolk, including electricity micro-generation and solar storage carports, received a major boost last month, with government matched funding of up to £800,000.

As members we received an interesting briefing on economic development which prompted me to have a say on the parking at Sudbury’s Market Hill, which although commendable in its thinking appears to be holding residents back from safely visiting the town to shop.  Lavenham has managed a way to welcome visitors and shoppers without curtailing so much space.  My recent visit to Devon also had me noting how towns were accommodating self-distancing with economic delivery.  To refer back to Sudbury, I was concerned at traffic/pedestrian safety as pedestrians appeared to have a false sense of security in crossing the road in front of cars which were still moving at a pace along the highway.  The large amount of removed car parking also appeared to be affecting the town’s economy too.  I am hoping residents will comment on how they feel about the market hill in Sudbury so a more refined system can be implemented which benefits residents, businesses, and the local economy.

Other interesting topics I have noted recently are:

  •  To save an amenity, the Parish Council at Little Waldingfield has again listed the closed public house as an asset of community value.
  •  The Chilton Woods development has been sold to Taylor Wimpey and a working group has been formed from District Councillors and Parish Councillors to facilitate this large development and it hopes to meet sometime next week.  I am part of this group.
  •  I have found it strange that the BDC emerging needs fund will not help out our organisations, societies, etc for re-opening after Covid19 closure if the organisation was successful at securing a business grant during lockdown.  I am pursuing this.