District Councillor's Report August 2020

Local Development Scheme (LDS). The new LDS has been approved by Council. It sets out the proposed timetable for the Joint Local Plan (JLP) and the review of the CIL Charging Schedules. We are anticipating the next stage of the JLP will be presented to Council in early November, before a six week consultation and submission to the Secretary of State for an Examination in Public. It is hoped the new JLP will be adopted late 2021/early 2022.

Walking and cycling. Proposals put forward by Babergh’s Green councillors for a Sustainable Travel Action Plan have been approved. It will encourage a shift towards more sustainable transport such as cycling, walking or public transport. Your County Councillor, Robert Lindsay, may be able to explain how this ties in with SCC initiatives (including Safe Routes to Schools).

CIFCO. There have been several recent press reports about Babergh and Mid Suffolk’s property investment company CIFCO Capital Ltd. Most recently it was to announce the purchase of a health centre in Nottingham, but previously it was as a result of its 2019-2020 Business Trading and Performance Report. The last year had seen reported losses as a result of asset revaluation and acquisition costs, but £1.6m of net income received (after debt repayment) which supports the Council’s budget and is equivalent to 13.5% on Council Tax.

Waste and Recycling. The market for recyclable materials is changing and becoming ever more demanding. As a result the percentage of ‘rejects’ from the MRF at Blakenham is rising. In the Autumn we will be embarking on a new campaign to encourage households to present us with good quality recyclables, and only materials which are accepted at the MRF. Further details can be found at the Suffolk Recycling Site

Solar carports. A grant has been secured from the Government’s ‘Getting Building Fund’ to install multifunctional solar carports which will generate and store electricity and provide electric vehicle charging points. The car park at Station Road in Sudbury is currently being assessed as BDC’s first possible site.

I think you are all aware of various issues over the last month including Sudbury Road footway, ongoing discussions regarding ‘land behind Brent Eleigh Road’, and today’s progress update on the Parish Council’s CIL bids.