Projects for 2023

New Hedge – The Recreation Ground

In January, a 350-metre hedge has been laid on the boundary of the Recreation Ground. The plants were supplied free of charge by Babergh District Council as part of their strategy to improve the green footprint of the district. This will encourage biodiversity in our community, and we hope this will be the first of many initiatives in Lavenham.

Harwood Place Play Area

Parish Council plans have had to be abandoned as Babergh District Council has rejected our bid for Community Infrastructure funds to refurbish the play area.

The Parish Council had previously committed to spend £25,000 of our neighbourhood infrastructure funds to improve the Babergh owned area, for the benefit of residents in Harwood, Green Willows and Peek Close.

Babergh Council 's reasons for the decision are:

The site’s proximity to dwellings that are located near the site. The installation of a play area would not comply with District Council noise and disturbance protocols.

The current area would only be able to provide 2-3 pieces of play equipment which would need to be targeted towards young children.

The groundworks that would be required to the site would be expensive for what equipment could be provided.

Babergh Council has suggested the space could be a community garden, but this idea was not supported by the residents during consultation in 2022.  

Projects for 2023

New Projects Approved

  • Kissing Gate in the Churchyard: Quotes now obtained and will be discussed at Parish Council Meeting July 6.
  • Litter Bins: 2 Replacement Litter Bins for the Market Place now purchased and will shortly be installed.
  • Additional Dog Bins: 2 new dog bins purchased will be shortly installed.
  • Council notice-board: New one ordered and will be installed when it is received from the manufacturers.
  • Refurbishment of 2 Telephone Boxes: Halted due to concerns of lead paint. Refurbishment cost now considerably greater than previously anticipated. Plan to be considered at future meetings of the Parish Council.
  • A Generator Hook-up at the Village Hall in partnership with Lavenham Community Council. Apllication for funding now submitted to Babergh DC.
  • Design of 20mph scheme: Planning continues with Suffolk CC.
  • Design of Water Street Traffic Management: Results of traffic survey being analysed.

Projects under Consideration

Purchase of land for Allotments

Tree Planting

Community renewable energy