Look out for SID

Speeding drivers are a serious danger to  pedestrians, other road users and themselves.  The Police occasionally conducted random speed traps in the village which result in drivers being fined, points being added to their licences and increased insurance premiums.
The Parish Council have purchased a unit which indicates the speed of passing vehicles and displays a suitable message to the driver. SID (Speed Indicator Device) as it is affectionately known will be deployed at various points around the village and it is very likely you have already seen it on a number of occasions as you drive in the village.
As well as displaying the speed of approaching vehicles SID records the speed of vehicles in both directions the time and date, it does not record any details of the vehicle and does not take any photographs. The data collected is useful in analysing the extent of the problem and deciding on future courses of action.  However, it is hoped that it will act as a positive reminder to speeding drivers and encourage them to slow down to the speed limit at all times


Some data from SID:
In Brent Eieigh Road between 22/12/17 and 23/01/18
Total movement (both directions)                     68,086
Speed greater than  30           31,143   (53%)
Speed greater than  34           16,432   (24%)
Speed greater than  39             3,727   (  7%)
Speed greater than  44                367   ( .5%)
Speed greater than  49                  69   ( .1%)

Maximum speed recorded   58

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