Tenter Piece is an estate developed by Babergh DC in the 1960’s.  In large part it comprises a sheltered housing scheme for vulnerable adults.  It has an elderly population as has Lavenham as a whole (approximately 33%).  As it is currently organised this space is not fit for purpose as a safe space for vulnerable people to meet and socialise. 

The Common Room space was the hub of the estate and is situated on the ground floor of a two story block, of otherwise single occupancy one bedroomed units. The sheltered housing element of the scheme benefits from an off-site warden, provided by Babergh.

For a variety of reasons this space is not in a good state of repair and does not meet any current regulatory requirements.  For instance it does not have a lavatory on the ground floor and has an inadequate kitchen cupboard.  

Usage orchestrated by the district council has declined over the years to an occasional art lesson.  The vacuum left has been filled by the community.  The Lavenham Good Neighbours Scheme holds regular soirées for residents and other largely elderly villagers, the Lavenham Dementia Group and Bereavement Group also meet their.  Usage could widen for this to include our emerging Health Watch scheme, Help the Aged, Citizens Advice et al.  It could also be used for meetings, to include a drop-in centre for district and county members and officers.

To meet this end the space needs;

A fully gender neutral and disability compliant downstairs lavatory, that is on the same level as the Common Room.

An enlarged fitted kitchen with adequate storage.

An extension to the Common Room to enhance the utilisation and flexibility of the space.

Improvement to the fire safety exit route from that area and for the flats above.


One of our regular soirées can be viewed here: