MEETING 6 August 2020


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 Parish Council Meetings are being held by Zoom Video conference. If you would like to make comments at the beginning of the meeting, or to listen to the rest of the meeting – please request the Zoom Login by emailing Lavenham Parish Council before 5.30 pm on Wednesday 5th August.  

       Public Forum     

  1. Police Matters 
  2. County Councillor’s Report  
  3. District Councillor’s Report  
  4. To confirm the Minutes of the previous  meeting 
  5. Declarations of Interest
  6. To receive apologies for absence
  7. Matters arising and update of outstanding issues
    (to include Policy/practice on Notice Boards, Donation/grants and Dog Bins)
  8. Finance and Strategy
    Invoices received/ Cheques for signature
  9. Planning 
    Planning matters, to include applications received and decided  (see separate list)
  10. Operations
    Gas works site     progress
  11. Housing and Social
    Good Neighbours Scheme and Lavenham Dementia Alliance 
    Tenter Piece update
    CLT s106 housing
  12. Correspondence
  13. 20 mph speed limits
  14. Covid-19 an update
  15. Lavenham Neighbourhood Development Plan revision update
  16. New Model Councillors’ Code of Conduct consultation
  17. Matters to be brought to the attention of the Parish Council and future agenda items
    Request for permission for A-board to signpost Merchants’ Row premises

Date of next meeting – Thursday 3rd September 2020