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Held on Thursday 2nd December 2021, commencing 7.30 pm. in the Village Hall.
Present   Mr I Lamont, Chairman.  Ms I Mitchell, Vice Chair.
Ms L Falconer, Dr C Posner, Mr R Macro,  Mr D Wilding,
Mr R Lindsay, Suffolk County Councillor.
Mrs M Maybury & Mr C Arthey, District Councillors for Lavenham.  
5 members of the public.

Public Forum

Christopher Churchard handed over £30 which had been collected in the Christmas Lighting appeal  collection tin in Heeks’ shop.  It was very much appreciated that the collection tin is retained in the shop and customers continue to contribute to the fund.

Andrew Butcher, as Project Manager, updated the meeting on progress on the former Gas Works site.  Ground clearance and tree surgery have been completed.  A five metre grid system has been set up and soil samples taken and sent off for testing.  The new post and rail fencing is in place on the rear boundary and next week the front wall brickwork will be cleaned.

Target Programme, Condition 3 extended 1 week up to 10 December,  revised Construction Method and Site Management Statement submitted, anticipate on site week commencing 10 December. Construction Phase, one week lost over Christmas (2 weeks float).  
Soil testing, consists of series of slit trenches to the depth of undisturbed ground.  If contaminants found, have to be tested, removed and backfilled. Indicative cost for testing and remediation, best guess £2-2.5k, worst case £12,000.

Project Risk Log - main risk (medium risk) don’t get discharge of Condition 3 until after 10 December, eat into float.  Also risk of being hit by heavy ice/snow conditions. More confident now than four weeks ago that the target will be met.  Week commencing 6 January absolute to commence construction phase.

The Chairman thanked Mr Butcher for his work on this project and his report to the Council.

Mr Arthey said well done to the Chairman, Babergh is trying to assist in progressing the discharge of condition etc.

Police Matters –Go to Go to for the October 2021 copy of the County newsletter, Constable’s County.  December 2021 copy will be online soon.
The summary of crimes reported within the parish of Lavenham, listed on, has been updated recently to show crimes reported in October, there had been 4:  2 x Violence & Sexual Offences; 1 x shoplifting, 1 x Other Theft.

County Councillor’s Report, Mr R Lindsay (the report forwarded had been circulated, follows these minutes)

In respect of the proposed 20 mph limits Mr Lindsay’s response and the police comments will be discussed with the Chairman who will consult with members of the Parish Council.  It is not unreasonable to expect to be able to push the 20 mph zones out to Bears Lane/Meadow Close and the 30 mph zone further out on Sudbury Road.

Dr Posner raised the possibility of combined signage of 20 mph limit, ‘welcome to Lavenham’ and indications of car parking locations.

District Councillors’ Reports, Mrs M Maybury and Mr C Arthey (Mrs Maybury had sent a written report which follows these minutes)

Referring to Mr Lindsay’s report of County Council buildings becoming carbon neutral, including libraries, Mrs Maybury expressed the hope that the S106 Sudbury Library improvements allocation from Chilton Woods (£186,000) would not be taken for other libraries.

Other matters commented by Mrs Maybury included her Platinum Jubilee Competition for the Ward, attending working group meetings with the Chilton Wood developers, lorry route review and the District Council’s change of mind over parking charges.

Mr Arthey said he had little to add:

Issues with the Gas Works site, replacement street lamps, Council Tax Base (+6.5%) and Bears Lane outstanding CIL have all been sent separately to the Parish Council. 

There is no further update on the Lavenham Press site.

The Locality Budget contribution from Mrs Maybury and Mr Arthey towards paint at Tenter Piece has been confirmed.

The Minutes

It was prop. by Dr Posner,  sec. by Ms Mitchell, that the minutes of the meeting held on 4th November are approved. Carried.  

Declarations of Interest – Ms Mitchell declared an interest in Agenda item 16 and would leave the meeting before this is discussed.

Dr Posner declared an interest in Agenda item 11, planning application DC/21/06224.

Apologies for absence  - Mrs Morrey, Mr Sheppard, Mr Chick, Mr Thompson, Mr Ranzetta.

The Chairman reported that, in addition to sending apologies for absence from the meeting,
Mr Ranzetta had tendered his resignation from the Council from the end of this meeting.  A Notice of Casual Vacancy will be posted after notification to the Returning Officer.

Matters Arising

It was noted that the planning decision in respect of DC/21/05421 & DC/21/05422 Copingers, 66 Water Street, was for the second, amended, application.
Lavenham Neighbourhood Development Plan revision group update

Mr Mawford is organising a presentation to the Parish Council on 16th December as an update to the work of the revision group and to explain the importance to new Councillors.  Great progress is being made.

Project Updates

Gas Works Site

Mr Butcher had already reported on this project and this had updated an earlier report submitted by Mr O’Mahony.

Prentice Street car park/toilets

UKPN supply completion of works - two holes were created to allow UKPN to pull through the cables to the Green Cabinet. Now been made good.
PlugNgo Charging points 2 off 22kW –awaiting meter installation before commissioning can be booked and contract signed.  Plug in Suffolk Charging points 4 off 7kW Anglia Charging have installed 4 off Rolec 7Kw Charging Posts. The Credit/Debit Card terminals are installed as part of the commissioning.

Electricity Meter – requested from Total Gas and Power (our current supplier), installation date awaited.  Could be up to 12 weeks.

Toilet commissioning – ramp design was circulated at the last meeting, awaiting quotes. Babergh have already agreed to a budget. One quote was a long way over the budget, awaiting further quotes.  Also awaiting electricity supply.

Donation post – quote received, work to be booked in. Terminals are on order and due to arrive end of November.

Insurance – need to ensure all charging points and donation posts arecovered by our LPC policy.

Now we have 6 charging points on 3 posts:
Post 1 - 2 off Plug-In-Suffolk 7kW – annual charge £108 (+ optional maintenance & support £288 = Total £396pa)
Post 2 - 2 off Plug-In-Suffolk 7kW – annual charge £108 (+ optional maintenance & support £288 = Total £396pa)
Post 3 - 2 off PlugNGo 22kW - annual charge £475 (on Bronze package)  ( +optional gold package maintenance & support  £550 = total £990 pa)

Mr Lamont proposed that we do not enable all the posts initially as we need to be sure that demand allows us to cover the running costs.  Start with 1 Plug-in-Suffolk post with annual charge plus support £396pa. The other 2 posts can be enabled later. Also ask PlugNGo for an improved rate.  Seconded by Ms Mitchell and agreed.

Church Street block

R D Lane will return to discuss remedial works in respect of the automatic opening and closing system.

Water Street Traffic Scheme

A copy of the draft ‘observation form’ and assessment had been supplied by Susan Broom, also changes to the signage.  The cost of alterations to the signage will be £1979 and £600 for the Safety & Speed Management team monitoring & review. This could take place in the late spring when the weather and light has improved and works to the Gas Works site and NG gas holder ceased.  It was thought that observations by volunteers, using the same volunteers for consistency, would be quite onerous.  It was proposed by Dr Posner that some thought should be given to whether payment for this work should be considered and a recommendation put forward at the January meeting.  Agreed.

Christmas Eve

Ms Falconer updated the Council with plans for Christmas Eve. The event will start at 5pm but she (and any others willing to help) will get there earlier to make sure everyone is happy.

John Raines (Angel Hotel) will be organising all the drinks, and Sparling and Faiers are happy to make the mince pies and gingerbread. Until there is a better idea on numbers they are happy to confirm the week before.  May need to purchase napkins but these should be quite cheap.

It would be nice for the Members of the Parish Council to hand out food as a good way to mingle and for Mr Lamont as Chairman to say a few words of welcome.  Investigate borrowing a microphone from the Village Hall.

Sue Knight is planning to help with the song sheets, which can be printed on the Parish Council printer. Sue is away at the moment but said she would be in touch when she returns.

It was suggested that we wait to see what response we get from the advert. Although it would be great to put some notices up on the boards around the village, Clerk could help with these also.

Hopefully it will be a wonderful festive hour!

Organisation of the Council

Interim Communications Policy amendment

A draft Communications Policy was issued for the October Council meeting. Councillor Ranzetta advised that the draft included a section which was contradictory to Council policy agreed in May 2021, which was attached to the circulated papers as Appendix 1. Unfortunately Ms Mitchell was unable to amend the draft before the October meeting and was unable to attend but assumed that the contradictory section would be appropriately challenged, but the item was deferred.

In preparation for the 4th November meeting, the earlier draft was marginally updated, to take account of an amendment from Councillor Posner and re-named as an Interim Policy.  Unfortunately, as a month had passed, the contradictory section was forgotten and Councillor Ranzetta was not in attendance and this was therefore passed in error.

Ms Mitchell apologised to Mr Ranzetta and all Councillors for this oversight.

For ease of reference:
“5.2 Recording, Filming and Photography of Council Meetings
Ordinarily, recording or filming or photography of Council meetings is not permitted unless agreed for a specific purpose by the Council. By exception where this arises, such filming requires the express permission of each councillor.  Where the Council agree to filming, all artwork or similar must be removed from the background to ensure that any copyright that may apply is not breached. Filming of the public will not be permitted at any time.
The Chairman will announce at the start of each meeting of the Council whether filming is permitted or nor permitted.
By exception, the Proper Officer may request after Public Forum has ended, for a meeting to be recorded, particularly where debate is anticipated to be complex. Any recordings made must not be copied or transmitted to any other person and be destroyed in the presence of 2 Councillors once the minutes have been transcribed and agreed by the Council.”

Under Standing Order 7a the Council is now asked to agree:
Amending policy agreed on 4th November by removal of section 5.2. The remainder of the Interim Communications Policy remains unchanged.
Proposed by Dr Posner, seconded by Ms Falconer, agreed.

Communication Strategy Working Group Terms of Reference
Council agreed in November 2021, to establish a Working Group to review a range of options addressing how best to communicate with arishioners. Council also resolved that recommendations should be presented by February 2022 for some, or all, of these options.
It is now proposed that this Group also review Council Policy on Filming and Recording of meetings attached as Appendix B. This was initially agreed in 2019 and re-affirmed in May 2021.  On this policy, the Working Group are being asked to produce recommendations for the Annual Council Meeting in May 2022.

Council is asked to agree:  i) The Terms of Reference, ii)  The reporting dates

Proposed by Ms Mitchell, seconded by Ms Falconer, the Terms of Reference for the Communication Strategy Working Group are agreed.  Group to report back to Council between February  and May 2022

Traffic Working Party – update on recruitment of team and timeline for TofR

The first meeting will take place in January.  District Councillor Margaret Maybury has kindly agreed to chair the group as an independent and was thanked by Mr Lamont.  It was hoped to have draft Terms of Reference ready in January, for confirmation at the February meeting.  Seven residents, previously showing an interest in traffic matters, have accepted an invitation to join the group and one non-resident. 

It was thought the group should concentrate on internal matters, static traffic rather than moving, and focus on the deliverable.

Working Groups start up review.  Issues and timeline.

Operations Open Spaces

Dr Posner reported that the group has not yet met although he is keen to take action, especially in respect of the provision of allotments which had been outstanding for a long time.  He had already made enquiries as to availability of land, the allotments provided as part of the development behind the High Street, costs etc. He was thankful to Mrs Maybury and Mr Arthey for their advice in these matters.
Operations Facilities – Ms Mitchell thought that this group would probably not meet together until the new year, at the moment nothing to report.

Queen’s Jubilee and Working Group proposal

Ms Falconcer reported:

I have started to make enquiries around the village and fellow councillor Paul Thompson has agreed to help me, which is great news! I have recruited some helpers and have others coming back to me. As we are hurtling towards Christmas, a number of people are still to respond.

However, my plans for this event so far are very much based around the village, the school children and the environment, the church and various societies.

I am unable to offer you a specific budget needed, but I can give you an idea of what I am thinking.

A very brief outline:
Thursday evening, lighting the beacon linking up with the rest of the country. Enquiries being made about need/costs of a new beacon.

Sunday Street Party, based in the Market Place, rows of tables, chairs, bunting (try to be plastic-free/environmentally friendly.  Encourage whole village to get together and watch the Royal festivities televised.  Offer opportunity to all food and drink establishments to provide refreshments.

Time Capsule,  a new short film on Lavenham and its parishioners.  Something of interest to be viewed 70 years on.

Art Exhibition, invite for all age groups and abilities to create their portrayal of the Queen with an exhibition of the artwork in the village.

Shop Front competition, Tree Planting and many other ideas coming forward.

No work done as yet on licences, traffic, stalls, advertising or possible need for other equipment and incidentals.

In terms of budget, I will endeavour to spend as little as possible, perhaps the Parish Council could suggest a budget.  Hopefully the group will be able to raise money by other means.

Although the Parish Council would need to see a firm budget plan it was proposed by Dr Posner that an initial grant of £2,000 be available out of a separate account in a manner to be determined by the Parish Council.  Seconded by Mr Macro and agreed.


Dr Posner had declared an interest in application DC/21/06224 and left the room while this was discussed

Planning Applications Received:

DC/21/05968 - The Old Manse, Barn Street, Lavenham

Application for works to trees subject to a Tree Preservation Order (WS41) - Reduce small amount of canopy from T1 Sycamore and Remove dead wood (Tree is declining, low long term viability ) Remove T2 Cherry (Due to extensive decay in its 3 limbs causing very poor integrity and reduced long term viability)
Recommend Approval

DC/21/06124 - 41 Water Street, Lavenham
Application for works to trees in a Conservation Area: Repollard and de-ivy 1no Oak (T1) in rear garden
Recommend Approval

DC/21/06224 - Gable End, 29 High Street, Lavenham
Application for works to trees in a Conservation Area: Fell 1no Yew (T1), 2no Laurel (T2 and T3) and 1no Old Ash Stump (T4) in rear garden
Recommend that the two Laurel T” & T3 can be felled and the old stump (T4) removed. However we do not approve of the Yew (T1) being felled and recommend that it is pruned and shaped.

DC/21/06251 - 21 - 22 Water Street, Lavenham
Application for Listed Building Consent. Internal and external alterations and repairs as per Schedule of
Recommend Approval, Changes are not visible from the street, are all internal and preserve the current old wall finishes. Windows at the rear are improvements.

The recommendations made by the Planning Working Group in respect of the above applications were approved, proposed by Mr Lamont, seconded by Mr Macro.  Carried.

Due to time constraints the following applications had been considered by the Planning Working Group and their comments forwarded to the District Council, now listed for ratification.  Prop. Mr Macro, sec. Ms Mitchell, approval recommended with condition. Agreed.

DC/21/05421 & DC/21/05422  Copingers, 66 Water Street, Lavenham
Householder Application & Application for Listed Building - Erection of new garage door (following removal of existing).
Recommend approval on the condition that the door is faced with Oak panels and treated with lime wash to match the other doors on the Grade 1 listed Priory building. The Marine Ply proposed is not in keeping with the rest of the building.

Notification of Planning Appeal - Town and Country Planning Act 1990

Appeal under Section 78 Appeal Reference: APP/D3505/W/21/3277936

Full Planning Application - Erection of 1No dwelling (following removal of existing temporary mobile home) Location: Second Meadow Stables, Brent Eleigh Road, Lavenham
Appeal Start Date: 22/11/2021

Planning Decisions Received:
DC/21/05506  3 Brent Eleigh Road, Lavenham – planning permission granted for Erection of two storey and single storey rear extension (amended scheme and re submission of approved DC/21/01996)
DC/21/05495  Driftside, 53F High Street, Lavenham – planning permission granted for Erection of carport/garage with office over
DC/21/05575 5 Trinity Gild, Lavenham – Babergh D C as LPA no objections to Works to Trees in a Conservation Area: Felling of 1no Walnut (T1) in rear garden, 1no Cherry (T2) in front driveway, and 2no Silver Birch (T3 and T4) in front garden
DC/21/05771  Little Beeches, Bears Lane, Lavenham - Babergh D C as LPA consent has been granted for Works to Trees subject to Tree Preservation Order WS41/T128: Repollarding of 1no diseased Ash (T1) to encourage regrowth
Discharge of Conditions Application for
DC/21/03101  12 Market Place, Lavenham – Discharge of Conditions:  Condition 3 (Stack Dismantling), Condition 4 (Details of Chimney Stack), Condition 5 (Details of Bricks), Condition 6 (Details of Chimney Pots), Condition 7 (Details of Bird Cowls) and Condition 8 (Details of Vent Caps)
DC/21/03841  5 And 6 Church Street, Lavenham – Listed Building Consent granted for Internal alterations as detailed in the Design and Access Statement Schedule of Works to facilitate change of use of 6 Church Street from Residential to Dental Surgery (Class E) in association with 5 Church Street
DC/21/05421 & DC/21/05422 Copingers, 66 Water Street, Lavenham – Planning Permission and Listed Building Consent granted for Erection of new garage door (following removal of existing).
DC/21/05706  8 Shilling Street, Lavenham – Listed Building Consent granted for - Erection of single storey rear extension (midconstruction) (change of roof height to approved extension DC/21/01783)
DC/21/05705  8 Shilling Street, Lavenham - Amendment Details Approved, a Non-Material Amendment relating to DC/21/01782 - Increase in height of rear extension as per drawing 748-21-C received 18/10/2021

Finance and Strategy

Invoice paid between meetings:  LNP2 reimburse public event expenses  £146.53 (from LNP2 budget).

Cheques for payment/Invoices received :

Kinex, phone a/c November  £40.22: Zoom, monthly fee for remote meetings £14.39:  UK Sign Shop, name sign for parish office door  £46.35:  Simpsons (East Anglia) Ltd, unblock Church Street toilet drains  £271.00:  The Lavenham Press Ltd,  LNP2 Newsletter 3 printing  £167.00 (from LNP2 budget):  Lavenham Community Council, village hall meeting room hire  £108.00:  Paul Holland, labour for works to Church Street toilet doors  £85.00:  Command Pest Control, quarterly charges for servicing of hygiene bins in Church Street toilets  £174.00:  Anglian Water Business, water charges at Church Street  £284.32,  Prentice Street fixed charges only £33.92, Cemetery £9.05:  A& D Fayers, Christmas trees  £279.00:  Birketts LLP, Gas Works site professional charges  £7,976.58:  Springhall Tree Care, tree works at Gas Works site  £1,785.00:  Sweco Ltd. Gas Works site sampling & testing  £8,292.00:  Cornerstone Merchant Services, card payment machines  £825.60:  Wayland Paving & Contracting, works in connection with new electricity supply at Prentice Street  £3,156.00:  Payroll/HMRC PAYE/NIC  £1,293.18:  Cartridge Discount, printing ink cartridges  £82.88:  Lavenham Exhibition Endowment, donation (ref 11(i)/21 p.155)  £250.00:  JPB Landscapes Ltd., November grounds maintenance & street cleaning  £1,918.00:  ICS, toilet cleaning & consumables  £524.69:  Sterling Electrics, Christmas lighting interim payment  £1,000.00:   Karzees Ltd, temporary toilets Prentice Street, hire/clean  £504.00:  British Gas, Church Street electricity  £23.17:   R Norman (works to remedy flooding in Mud Lane £2,200.00, various maintenance & repairs  £385.00) total  £2,585.00:  Lavenham Press, printing posters and Lavenham Landscape Character & Sensitivity Assessment 2021 for LNP2 (from LNP2 budget)  £723.80.

Payments direct to Bank: Groundworks, grant to LNP2 £7,273.00.

A letter to the Bank requests the transfer of £30,000.00  between accounts.

Prop. Dr Posner, sec. Ms Falconer, that the financial transactions are approved. Carried.

Staff Pay Review – Still no agreement reached between the NJC and Unions in respect of the pay claim for 2021/22.  Review is deferred until agreement is reached.

Annual Review of Burial Fees

Following investigations by Ms Mitchell into the fees charged by neighbouring Burial Boards and consideration of the figures circulated, it was proposed by Ms Mitchell, seconded by

Ms Falconer, and agreed, that the fees should be increased as follows:
Part 1, Interments, (I)(i) increase to £100,(I)(ii) increase to £330, (II) increase to £210.
Part 2, Exclusive Right of Burial, increase to £220.
Part 3, Gravestones, Tablets & inscriptions, (i) increase to £220, (ii) increase to £190, (iii) increase to £200. Additional inscriptions, remain at £70.

All fees will be doubled in the case of any person who is not an inhabitant of Lavenham.  These fees to apply from the date of this meeting.

Finance update, budget & precept timetable – the Finance Working Group will meet and consider papers to be put before the full Council at the January meeting, recommending the budget and precept requirement.

Precept request to Babergh to be signed and submitted no later than 31st January 2022.

Correspondence had been received from:

Resident of Bridge Street Road concerned about overflow parking in the narrow Bridge Street Road, on the verges outside the Cemetery, in the Cemetery and on the private close when football matches are taking place on the recreation ground.  Also suggesting that perhaps Bridge Street Road could be considered for double yellow lines to prevent parking as the road is very narrow. (email circulated)  This is a problem which will be passed to the Traffic Working Party for consideration so that the village can be considered as a whole.

Suffolk County Council reminding the Parish Council of the closing date of 17th December for the submission of responses in respect of the Suffolk Lorry Route Map review.

Christmas Food at Storehouse, email forwarded by Mrs Maybury, details of Christmas Food request form for vulnerable people in need of the help of the food bank.  Can be forwarded on by Clerk.

Notice from Suffolk County Council of upgrading works to LED of standard streetlights owned by Suffolk County Council in Lavenham, works to start within the next month

Mrs Maybury, details of her Platinum Jubilee Competition (to be circulated)

Date of next meeting:  The next meeting will be held on Thursday 13th January 2022, there will be no meeting on 6th January.