The visitor and retail section at the Village Information Point is now open with imited space. Opening times are the same as the Post Office. Entry is limited to only one customer at a time. Face masks must be worn. 

The Post Office is open: 

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday.         11:00 to 14:00-  Entry limited to one customer at a time. Masks must be worn and

                                                                      a 2 metre social distance followed.

Saturday, Sunday  & Wednesday.                                       closed.

This is for our four legged visitors and their owners, a location map of dog poo bins.

Please bag it and bin it to help keep our village clean.

Dog Bin Location Map

Lavenham Village Information Point.

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We post details of coming events and also village news. 

Little Hall, Lavenham - All being well the house will open over the 2021 May Bank Holiday-Friday 22 to Monday 25. 

 Please check before coming to Lavenham. These events may have been cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


May-Full Exhibition of Kate Denton's Work at Lavenham Hall.


17th-19th June - VW Classic Car Festival.

Events at Laveham Hall.

In May 2021 a full Exhibition of Kate Denton's Work. 

Futher details of these events can be obtained from Anthony Faulkner at