Corona Virus – Public Safety During the Recovery Phase

Lavenham Parish Council have been working with Babergh Mid Suffolk and Suffolk County Council on procedures that will help protect the community as we move forward with relaxing some of the restrictions that were introduced to contain the pandemic.

We will soon see the reopening of shops, hotels, restaurants, and visitor attractions that have been closed for many weeks.  This does not mean that the pandemic is over and we must all continue to behave responsibly.  Social Distancing will continue to be a feature of everyday living for some time to come.  We have jointly been considering how this can operate on our streets and in premises open to the public.  After so many weeks of closure it can be difficult to recall what Lavenham can be like with residents and visitors strolling around our beautiful village and stopping for a bit of shopping or refreshments.  It is important for our business community to return to those days as safely as possible.

So for a temporary period you may see measures put in place to limit some parking to allow pedestrians to pass each other while maintaining 2 metres of separation; some areas where there are very narrow pavements having cones and barriers in the road to effectively widen the area available to pedestrians; allocating defined waiting areas outside some premises where the number of customers allowed entry is regulated; restricting vehicle movements around the school during school start and finish times; the introduction of 20mph speed limits in key locations and other improved safety measures for pedestrians and cyclists.

It is emphasised that these are to be temporary measures which can be varied in the light of experience and as we continue our return to normality.  More detailed information will be circulated in the coming days as plans develop further.

For further details see the application to Babergh District Council and the accompaning High Street, Market Place and Lower Road maps. 

Lavenham Parish Council

5th June 2020